Monday, October 22, 2012

Havoc in Bangkok - Part 1

Finally finally finally! Pictures from BKK are finally in my hands :) I couldn't wait to blog about this since the moment I came back from the trip! Shall split it into 2-3 posts because we have way too many pictures. That's what you get when all 3 girls who went brought 3 different cameras.... hahahaha hardcore.

Ok let's start with pictures from Day 1 -

Cheerleaders doing their thing!

Excited kidz

Arrival at our hotel!

Can you spot me? Right in the center of the picture haha

Giant bees attacking their fruits omg gross!

Our room had no carpeted floors, no bathtub, no kettle to boil water. But it wasn't so bad I guess? What to expect from a boutique hotel....

Having jap food in thailand. OK CAN.

I feel the need to spam pictures of us on the tuktuk because firstly, it was my first time on one and secondly, it was so amusing! 7 of us squeezing in such a tiny vehicle! All eyes were on us the whole time, wherever we went. Great experience, but super uncomfortable. Hahahaha

Ok enough of tuktuk pictures~

This place - this amazing place - is Khao Shan night market, our favourite place in the whole of Bangkok. They have everything from clothes to food to pubs to shisha to massage to salons and even fake tattoos! Plus the atmosphere is really lively. It's the only place we actually won't complain about anything at all :)

Pad-thai for supper every night. Mmmm

Val doing her corn rows. See? Khao Shan has literally everything!

Weihao & I nearly tried the dead scorpion but SGD6 for something so disgusting to eat was just not worth it!!

George's fake tattoo, damn ahbeng wtf.

My loots from the first day, most of the stuff are from Khao Shan night market ^-^

This is Day 2 - we visited Chatuchak weekend market. The shopping at Chatuchak was kinda disappointing, but nonetheless a must-visit place! With authentic thai street food and coconut icecream plus rows and rows of stores selling everything you could ever think of. You name it, they have it.

Us in the middle of chatuchak

Waiting for lunch to be served

We learnt our lesson from this *faints* Try not to order any soup based food from Bangkok. Somehow all of their soup based food smell like pee. Not kidding, all of us could smell it. I suspect it's some ingredient that the thai people use. Appetite killer.

Hehe so cute, tiny quail eggs

Happy girls with our coconut icecream!

Boys and Val's mom doing foot massage. It was fun to watch hahaha Weihao was more like in torture than enjoying it!

After Chatuchak we headed to Union Mall! Don't bother going there if any of you are intending to head to Bkk, it's a horribly boring place. The shopping was lousy, food was also lousy. To add on I was feeling terrible at that time because the fever virus decided to attack me all of a sudden... all we managed to get from Union Mall was a crepe each. Settled on dinner at their food court too because we were all super hungry again~

Left Union Mall after dinner with horrible moods because it was such a boring place, decided to head to Rot Fai night market to see what we could find there! Turns out, it was nothing like Khao Shan. Rot Fai is catered more towards the locals there so the clothes were quite ugly but at least we found a tiny shop to do our nails ^-^

Shall end off the post with a photo of my Day 2 haul! Very few items as you can see :( I'll upload a picture of our nails in my next update. This post is so image heavy I think it took me almost 2-3 hours to complete. Until next time, xx.