Saturday, October 27, 2012

Havoc in Bangkok - Part 4

Day 5, also our final day in Bkk!

That day was like an amazing race, we had lunch at MBK then cabbed down to Platinum for some last minute shopping. Didn't even have time to take pictures from the time we finish lunch till the time we reached the airport. Gave ourselves a time limit of 2 hours to shop then we literally ran around from train station to train station because there was a traffic jam and we couldn't take a cab otherwise it would take forever. Was so afraid that we would miss our flight so we rushed like crazy! Thank god by the time we got to the airport we still had some time to grab a quick bite ^-^

Day 3 & 4's buys

Squeezed himself into Ali's leather jacket

And got stuck. HAHA

Hahaha Ali so cute

Injured Weihao on the trolley because he sprained his ankle the night before

Donuts for dinner

Very sad to leave :(

Had a wonderful 5 days in Bangkok :) I would love to go back again! Maybe if we ever go back we would go to our favourite night market followed by clubbing every night. Hahaha. But nah I guess the next country I would wanna visit with friends would be Bali! Bali has jet skis - cool shit. One of the things on my bucket list is to travel around the world. Wonder if that will ever come true... I could work and save up for an overseas trip to a different country every year. That'd be great!!