Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Class BBQ

Class barbecue at Anton's place, swam with a few of them before that. Ate so many chicken wings but I will never get sick of chicken wings hehe~ This is the nicest and most bonded class I have ever met, they've made me feel welcome from when I first met them :) Dhiv couldn't make it because she had to prepare for Deepavali with her family. Speaking of which, Happy Deepavali to my 2 indian friends in the whole world, Dhiv & Nizam!

Retarded Jordan

Yummy sambal stingray

They tricked us into taking pictures.....

and then appeared with a cake from behind!! Sweetest classmates ever!

November babies :)

Making us remove our candles from the cake haha

Nizam's baby niece Isha, super hyper and cute!

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