Friday, November 09, 2012


Since I turn 19 today, I shall look back and talk about my life. LOL. I have learnt something about birthdays along the years. When I was younger I loved making a big deal out of my birthday. Even had McDonald's party when I was primary 4. Every year I would expect all my friends to remember (who am I kidding? You think everybody have superhuman memory to remember your birthday only meh!) and shower me with presents and all. I remember in primary 6 all my close friends got me tons of branded stuff toys and what not. So cute ^^ Think I took everything for granted at that age. Kind of dislike my younger self hahaha.

When I was sec 4, my birthday was right smack in between my olevels so nobody celebrated for me except my family. (My friends celebrated for me a week later but by then it already felt like it was long over so... ya.) My family spends it with me on the actual day every year and that year they took me to a chinese restaurant. At that age I absolutely hated chinese food. Especially the dim sum kind. So I cried myself to sleep that night, thinking that my parents didn't love me because they took me to a chinese restaurant when they clearly knew I didn't like it. Plus I screamed at my mom about it and probably hurt her feelings. God I was so stupid -___- Now looking back I'm just like, hey at least my family celebrates for me and brought me to a freaking restaurant!! Plus they give me angpaos every birthday! Some people's parents don't give a shit please. Others give their kids like $30 to $50 or just a simple dinner only wtf? Yes I only realised that I am a lucky kid after I've grown up. Too late, it's already the last year of my teenage period.

Along the way there is bound to have people who forget, or simply don't care. This year I kind of did a test. Removed my birth date from facebook to see if my close friends all remember. Turns out, some of them whom I thought would remember, didn't. But it just shows who really cares about me! And I'm not the least bit disappointed or anything. I'm just super glad I did this "test". Shit, now all of you will judge me for being weird and self obsessed..... but please la who doesn't feel like they are damn important on their birthday?! Once a year only what!

Anyway~ I feel so blessed this year! As I am almost every year :) I am super glad that I have great friends and an amazing family. Love each and everyone of them. Hehe. I'll be back soon ok byeeeeeeee ^-^

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