Friday, November 16, 2012

Every year

Every year we go to town to celebrate mine and Nics' birthdays together. In 2009 it was Kbox at Cine, 2010 at Wisma's Haagen Dazs, 2011 at 313's Marche and finally this year, at 313's Hot Tomato. It's not that we love town. In fact, I hate town. It's crowded, pretty much everywhere is pricey, and yeah basically it's the crowd which ticks me off. But we have no choice since all 5 of us live so far away from one another and town is (sort of) in the middle.

So as I was saying, this year we chose Hot Tomato and I personally like the place ^^ The food is cheap yet affordable. Like I ordered a dish that comes with 2 prawns, a steak and a tiny bit of pasta (it's like getting the best of both worlds because I get to have pasta too) and it only cost about $15? That's considered cheap already as compared to many other places. So yes - recommended to go!

What I ordered. Yum!

3 eyed alien card made by Ruimin hehehe feel so loved :)

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