Monday, November 05, 2012

George's 20th

So many of them squeezing under one umbrella

Our umbrella group hahaha

Raining still can take pictures of ourselves heh heh

Rain finally stopped :)

Val baked this for George - Captain America themed cake!

Cake smashed

That's Jolin, George's sister. Super adorable haha she was photobombing all of their pictures~

These were taken during George's birthday BBQ on Sat. Unfortunately for us, the weather was not on our side. It was raining so we had to use umbrellas to cover the food and all the bags got wet. Most of us split into "groups" to share the limited umbrellas that we had, while others sought shelter under the tables and with plastic bags. It was fun while it lasted hahaha. The best part of the night for me, was Jolin. She is such a joy to be with!!! I love her as much as Ryden (Dyl's nephew) already!

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