Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I've always been a dreamer, I've had my head among the clouds.

I was supervising him while he swam

Starbuck's christmas in a cup to rid the Monday blues ^-^

On the usual morning bus ride to school with my bud Aloy

Belated birthday present from Jess hehe love :-*

Trying to act like a hobo

Christmas themed bread from Weng for my lunch :)

Love note that Dhiv drew for me hehe she's damn talented right!

Ikea with these kids whoop whoop

Crazy huge ass x'mas tree

Lately, my mind's in a whirlpool. I'm always distracted, my attention span is shortening. I don't know where my dreams or goals disappeared to, I don't know what I want. It's like a part of my brain is trying to catch up, idling somewhere between the veins. I'm trying to tell myself that it's just a phase, maybe it's just the over usage of computers and its radiation messing with my head. (Nope, not working!) The only thing I can think of everyday is getting through the next day till our 2 week vacation arrives. This year flew by so quickly, but why do these few weeks seem to take forever?

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