Saturday, November 10, 2012

My 19th birthday

A day before my actual birthday, W brought me to Rider's Cafe after school. I wouldn't recommend people to go there if you don't drive because we took the train to the nearest mrt station and still had to cab from there as it was too isolated to walk in. And no cabs enter the area so we had to call for a cab to drive us back to the nearest mrt. Total cab fare to & fro was already $20 and yet the distance was considered quite near!

Anyhoo, the food there was great! Especially their steak, it's not just the usual mushroom sauce - they put butter on it. Made it taste a lot better than usual steaks. After dinner we headed to Katong I12 in hopes of catching a movie but tickets were all sold out so we just sat somewhere to chill before going home.

Admiring my nicely wrapped gift. Way too nice I couldn't bear to open it :(

Taking it out extremely gently

Overjoyed!!! I didn't unwrap the body of the 3 eyed alien yet, but it contains 3 boxes of different themed films ^-^

My angus striploin steak (it's heavenly!)

And W's portobello with halloumi burger

This is damn sex. SEX I TELL YOU.

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