Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Between the lines of fear and blame

Plugged in with good music blasting in my ears, attempting to write. How did I fall at the feet of vulnerability so easily? How is it that some people can be so intriguing, and others not? I should never have allowed anybody to manipulate my emotions at all. I want to build a shield around myself and be unbreakable. Watch me.

The lab is silent, the only sound is the music from my earphones and the incessant clicking of the keyboards. I glanced sideways, observing everyone seated along the row. Most of them with eyes glued to their screens, moving only their fingers. Two of them sat back staring into space. I wonder what they're thinking of. Family issues? The project? Counting down to lunch break? At this instance I wished I could read minds. How amazing would that be, to be able to access each and every one of their complex minds, sourcing for secrets nobody else knows. Looking at what made each person who they are now.

As I sit here pondering over such a frivolous matter, others have already done so much with all the valued time. I should probably stop.

This made me feel a tad better x

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