Thursday, December 20, 2012

Clemon's 16th

Clemon turned 16 today! I remember me being so excited about turning 16 a few years ago and now I'm just like, wow so young. Hahaha. We went to a mexican bar called Muchos for dinner, mexican food is all spicy and sour but surprisingly good! We ordered round 2 for everything. Loved the prawns and ribs the most.. obviously :) Walked around in plaza sing for a while after dinner as a form of exercise before heading home to cut the cake. Forgot to pass Clem his present until now. I blame my poor memory~

Round 2 let's go!

My photography skills not bad

as compared to my mom's. #fail

Cute grandparents and their serious cannot-smile-when-posing faces

One of my new shoes ^-^

Hope he likes it hehe

Okayyyyy awkward ending bye!

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