Saturday, December 15, 2012

Friday jam

Wearing my new camo studded button sheer top :)

In the lab with my classmates

@ Ministry Of Food

They missed out the 2 small candles hahaha forever 20 #win

@ Nando's

With Cheryl, Nigel & Cyrus

Kester bought a lego set for his part time job student

Acting cute with our chocolate sundae lol

Yesterday was a super packed last day of school! Had to serve the standard 8.30am to 5.30pm "jail time" followed by Calvin's 22nd birthday celebration with the apples during my time limited lunch break and dinner with some old friends. They were from my sec school gymnastics clique! Missed them a lot especially Kester, my guy best friend from those days. Haven't seen him in like what, 2 years? Time flies by so quickly that it's scary. I still remember the times when we played hide and seek on the school's rooftop :> Now here we are, all grown up and discussing future careers.

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