Friday, December 28, 2012

Meet the brother

Comfy outfit perfect for the rainy season

Damn you over exposed picture >:(

Real life Fix It Felix machine!!!! (You'll know what it is if you've watched Wreck It Ralph)

I think this is called Willy Wonka. Nice.

Fooling around in random shops hehe

While waiting for the rest to arrive

Let the feast begin! This is just round 1.

Love them all hehe ♥

His ice cream melted super quickly, thus the expression. Hahaha

Le alien ring from Drey :)

Finally another meet up with the besties!!! Brought my brother along this time. The last time they met him was like 3 years ago? Now he's taller than me... hahaha sigh~ Anyway we had jap buffet for dinner followed by shisha to "digest the food", or so we proclaim. After getting home Clemon & I chatted from midnight to about 4am ^-^ I like how we're super close, unlike other people with their siblings of the opposite gender.

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