Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Season of giving

Decked in x'mas-y print to suit the mood

Opening our presents in the morning

My mom's my secret santa & she got me this! It's what I always wanted but never got around to buying. Yayers :)

Lunch @ first aunt's

Swensens icecream log cake yum~

Super cool transparent study room at third aunt's place!

Nachos as the appetizers

With second aunt & the boys

My christmas this year was well spent with the family :) It is one of my favourite occasions because I love receiving presents!!! Wait.. who doesn't? But the best thing about christmas is that everyone around me is so merry plus I get to play a part in putting a smile on their faces as well! The joy of giving - the only time people splurge on things for others. I like the whole secret santa idea in particular because it's like making a game out of it, which means double the fun ^-^ Not to mention loads of nice food. It's like celebrating your birthday twice, except that it's everybody else's "birthday" too!

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