Thursday, December 13, 2012


The worst feeling in the world is when you realize that nobody actually gives a shit about you. Invisibility, that's what it is. And I don't mean my family or boyfriend. I know how much they care about me. I'm referring to the people we call friends. Not all, but most.

People will always treat me as an option, never a priority. Maybe it's me. Straight forward, oversensitive, stupid. Stupid because I allow people to get to me. I care too much. But is it wrong to care? Everyone seems to have a best friend, someone who'll be there for them no matter what happens. I used to think that I do, too. Till the many incidents about being forgotten or subjected to being a back up plan. What's the point of trying if nothing seems to change? I am always the girl people choose to leave behind instead of fight for. Alone in this huge mental war trying to decide if it's even worth living...

I just want to matter.

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  1. You know I'm always here even although I may seems busy Girl! <3 ^^ Keep smiling cheer up!!!