Saturday, December 22, 2012

X'mas with Addicts

I think the best place to hold a christmas gathering is at someone's house, feels so cosy and christmasy! Hehe. Gotta thank Val for opening her house to us ^-^ Also gotta thank god that no one in the block called the police to complain because we were practically shouting most of the time~ Anyway we did secret santa this year! Which was fun. Some gifts were hilarious, such as the mini gatsby wax, underwear set, a box of cigarettes wrapped in tissue paper... hahahaha. Good old times, need days like these more often :)

Name bracelet from George when he went overseas the other time (thanks cock!)

Our family feast!!!

All the presents around the mini christmas tree hehe

Now you know who got the cigs wrapped in tissue paper LOL

Close up of my present yay love it!!

I'm Jianwei's secret santa!

With my secret santa, Estee :>

Val with Dyl (her secret santa)

What girls do - spam polaroids

Must pose with my cute polaroid case haha

Jess & I with the giant teddy

No more pictures after this because we started the drinking games and you can guess what happened....... okay fine actually nothing happened, nobody got drunk or anything. We were just to busy playing we forgot about the camera. Just shows that it was such a great night! ^-^

3 more days to the actual day of christmas, are you guys excited?!?!

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