Tuesday, December 18, 2012


It kept pacing up and down, probably thinking of a solution on how to eat us.

Look closely, can you see the spider web?

Snack time~

Now that I look at it.. its eyes are creepy.

We the live animals


This one's cuter ;)

Leaving the treehouse

Scary looking penguins

Attacked by the alligator

Die die also must snap pictures with their caps ^-^

This was when I spotted Cely! Little did I expect that my brother would secretly buy it for me.. Still feeling blessed :')

Le monkey with pink dick

My brave mom!

Disgusting naked moles

Pretending to be tired. Hahaha my aunt's idea

So fierce for what?

Smelliest creatures ever

Massive upload of pictures taken at the zoo on Sunday. At first I was dreading it, never fancied the idea of going anywhere warm, not to mention smelly. Plus I am definitely not an animal person. I can't even handle being close to cats or dogs.. ugh. But after arriving there it was kinda fun! Got to see my favourite animal - the elephants. Hehe. The sea lion show was entertaining too! I never knew that they were so intelligent, on par with monkeys and dogs. And of course the best thing of the trip was family bonding, which I love :)

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