Monday, January 21, 2013

Accident & emergency

Hello! I'm back with an insta-update :)

Digging the sophisticated hair bun look nowadays

Reasons why eating at my house is awesome

What can I say? Like sister, like brother. Hahaha.

My funny japanese friend, Mitsuhiko Koba! (Mits for short)

Mits got us gifts from Japan and these are mine ^-^

Happy mood at school today

Went to the hospital to get this rather large fish bone removed from my throat just now. Accidentally swallowed it during dinner and it pierced into the wall of my throat. Almost died trying to get it out haha it was quite scary! Second time this has happened to me :( The last time it happened was a much finer/smaller bone when I was in primary school. Need to stop being so careless when I eat and remember to chew more!!!

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