Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blast from the past

Starting off this post with a picture of me naked..... HAHAHA

So young like to show cleavage already. HAHA WTF


I should have been a baby model. So good at posing!!

Durian champion (not sure how I started to dislike durians as I got older)

We looked so happy :D

Yup that's me in the pink t-shirt imitating my grandfather blow the candles hahahaha


Those fat thighs since young... SIAN~

This was in Korea I think

Just look at my pose. I'm a natural! LOL

Chanced upon pictures of tiny me while browsing through old albums so I scanned a few into the computer. As you can see I love being in front of the camera since young, which is probably why I am such a camwhore now. Hahaha. Can't remember anything when I look at these pictures. Is it just my poor memory or was I too young? I would love to visit Korea again! Especially in winter :) I'd give anything to go back in time and relive my childhood. Life used to be worry-free plus my parents used to be proud of me. Now I'm just a disappointment.

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