Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Captain America

With our granny (dad's mom)

Hahahaha I snapped it when he was talking

My dad photobombing us

Love my cap ^-^

Yummy appetizer

Pretending to fight for the same xlb

My dad doing the 9gag meme face haha damn cute

Scoopz has a new milo flavour - must try!

Dinner with the family on Sunday. My brothers are always the ones behind my solo pictures whenever I am out with them. Great angles and all, they are definitely getting the hang of it! Hahaha. My weekends were okay I guess, Sat we went down to my aunt's house for lou hei. It's official, we're all a year older now. I recently learned that Sat was the 7th day of CNY, also known as 人日 - which literally means "everyone's birthday". Cooooool.

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