Monday, February 25, 2013


With our lovely gramps hehehe

And not forgetting our favourite aunt :)

He volunteered to help me carry my shopping. So sweet~

Dad dropped us to meet our aunt, uncle & grandparents for dinner and came to pick us up after that. He refused to agree to us taking the bus with Cymon because they claim that he's too young and we're not responsible enough to look after him in public transport. Don't understand why.. they need to realize that I'm already 20 and Clemon is already 17!!! Parents just don't get it. We need more trust and freedom from them but they'll never know how we feel. Lucky thing I'm turning 21 next year, definitely going to get rid of my stupid curfew by then. So anyway last night after dinner the adults left and both my brothers accompanied me while I shopped ^-^ Best brothers ever!

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