Friday, February 08, 2013

Speedy growth

It's Friday again! Back with my weekly insta updates -

Calling all Vampire Diaries fans! Elena Gilbert's vervain necklace from iorderyou :)

Facetiming in class with this retarded girl hahaha

Gloomy bus ride home

Which is better? Side fringe or bangs?

With @ivanrodman the douche

Ks & I with Calvin's snake convertible cushion

Accompanied this monkey to his haircut yesterday


Ended last night with Suki-Ya with the cool kidz, missing that pussy ng @bryanzboy! I would say the food isn't that great, just kept spamming all sorts of meat and meatballs. We ate so much all of us wanted to puke and shit immediately after that hahaha we are such pigs... Always talk non stop whenever the 3 of us meet up with Jh because he's having internship outside while we're stuck in school, rotting. Meeting him again next week ^-^

Long weekend ahead due to CNY, have a great one you guys!!

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