Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Take a chance

Evidence of Yx & Ivan using my phone to camwhore haha act cute

Sketching in class - Azula & TyLee

Soaking before a bath

How do I look in specs?

Making the boys look like idiots hahahaha

Our so-so dinner


My dad's back! With my entire shipment of stuff :) Love my old man, he's so supportive of the whole blogshop spree idea and helped me carry the enormous bag of things back. The response was not bad for a first time thing, quite excited for the next one - probably in a few months time. Hehe. Bought a lot of stuff for myself too, cannot contain my happiness!!! Sat there for the past few hours in a solid tsunami, trying to sort everything correctly. The whole process of the spree was really tedious but it was definitely a great experience. Going to leave the other half for tomorrow, goodnight x

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