Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jessie's 21st

 photo IMG_9894.jpg
The theme was red or navy but some of them just ignored the dress code pfffft

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Jess with all the guys wearing maroon pants by coincidence!

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With her bf Rayner

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The dad popping champagne whoop whoop

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Group photo of blazers (+ ex blazers) who went

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We forever giving jiaobins wtf

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Bloodshot eyes after taking two shots

 photo IMG_0047.jpg
Bros full force

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Gary and the "twins"

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Poker circle

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 photo IMG_0094.jpg
Stupid Dyl pretending to sleep

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Friday was Jess' 21st birthday party! The villa she booked was huge, although it was pretty hard to find. We even walked into the wrong chalet and only realized that it was the wrong party when someone shouted another birthday girl's name. Hahaha damn fail. I didn't get to take an individual photo with my fav girl because she was so busy having to attend to all the other guests :( But it's okay because I was there when she opened all her presents after 95% of the people left. Hehe. Glad she liked what we got her! ^-^

Stayed over with the bros and only managed to sleep at 5.30am because we kept talking, shouting & singing and at 5am we were still deciding whether or not to head out for supper. So glad we didn't because I KO-ed immediately after they turned the lights off. Checked out the next morning and headed to Changi Village for brunch. Left for home right after eating to catch up on sleep and watch Grimm (S2E13 is finally out after months of waiting!!!) before going to Avalon.

Definitely one of the best weekends I've had in a while :)