Thursday, February 28, 2013

Minor red head

I've been trying to upload a video I collated with all the short ones I took this month but there seems to be a problem with vimeo. How annoying.. Anyhoo, ig pix from today! I went to dye my hair with Jw and we chose red. At first I wanted turquoise but the guy said I had to bleach my hair thrice for the colour to absorb so I obviously didn't want to. Bleach 3 times hair confirm spoil wtf. So I settled on red. I only dyed the lowest inner layer of my hair but you can't tell at all. Waste my time & money! Super disappointed with the end result.. you can see it in the last picture below.

My lover hehe

Arctic monkey?

Haven't seen this stupid guy in ages!

Yep.... the red is so faint that you can't even tell. Just kill me :(

Going to whine about it to my brother now BYE

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