Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Last day of school we headed to Yishun for the sake of Dhiv because she lives so far away from us and always has to hang out at the east side. But I completely boycott Yishun already LOL. We wanted to go for karaoke but it was $38 per person wtf daylight robbery?! Teoheng is like $28 per room please. Then we decided "ok why not catch a movie instead?" but we couldn't compromise (3 of them wanted horror but the other 3 of us hate horror) so we ended up in the arcade. After a while I suggested bowling and everyone agreed so we cabbed to yishun safra. And to our dismay, it was completely full. Waiting list was 1 hour. Checked the pool/billards room beside it, also full. Seriously.... -____- Walked to the nearby park to chill instead. Gonna stick to hanging out in the east from now on! Hahahaha