Sunday, March 03, 2013


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Met my besties on Friday night♥ They came over to my place for a swim followed by supper nearby. Jeanie could finally make it!!! She's the busiest person I know, juggling like 3 part time jobs, school and her boyfriend. Nics could only join us for supper, which by then Rm & J have already left. So it still isn't all of us together at once :( Anyway if you're wondering why I swam with make up - I didn't. I removed it and put on a full piece swimsuit right after taking pictures. Dead serious about swimming this time because I really wanna lose weight. Plus swimming is definitely a lot easier than running~

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Can you see my red hair?! It's more obvious now :)

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Candid but I look okay so yup just post

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Drey you should use this as your dp!

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Trying my best to show my barely visible eyelashes

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Ate at this 24 hour Katong prata shop which serves lousy food & drinks, not to mention horrible service. Never again.

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Hardcore instagrammers at work

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