Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Script's concert 2013

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After standing there for almost 2 hours....

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The already sweaty Mark

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And cute Glen the drummer

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Danny came down and everyone went wild

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Blowing us a kiss hehehe

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Best shot of the night ^-^

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#nowplaying I'm Yours

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So nice~ Everyone in the seats were waving lights

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Finale. So sad to see them leave :(

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One last shot of Danny before I go!

Friday was the long awaited concert.. The Script in Singapore! We bought mosh pit tickets which wasn't exactly a good decision because I was too short and kept having to tiptoe to see. Plus everyone was really violent (or you can say excited). But I still am very satisfied, finally got to see them live hehe ^-^ Honestly my favourite band ever.

At one point Mark told the audience to whip our phones out and make a call to any of our exes. Then Danny took one of the phones from someone in the first row and sang to the receiver. Sang the whole song and even spoke to her okay! So lucky!!! Will be uploading some videos I recorded of them soon :)