Saturday, April 27, 2013

Call of duty

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 photo Photoon2013-04-26at1507.jpg
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Gamer mode: ON. They were playing call of duty black ops 2 I think

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 photo Photoon2013-04-26at15062.jpg
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Whole day spent with these people, whole morning in school followed by Dhiv's crib to chill. Played playstation, watched cartoons, tumblr-ed together and snuggled under the warm sheets. After that we went to northpoint for dinner then to some park nearby! Damn scenic, should have had my cam with me but it's so bulky and heavy. (Reasons why I need to buy the Samsung EX2F..... hahaha) Blasted music and sang/talked for hours before heading home. I foresee many more of such days this semester! ^-^