Sunday, April 7, 2013

Camp as cover

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Waiting for our master chefs to finish bbq-ing

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My favourite indian haha I know you're reading this HI MY LOVE

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Fucking tiring game we almost died

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Dunno how to skate still want to act. Caught on camera LOL

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Half class photo. Not sure where the other half disappeared to!

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Supper x.x

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Some of them woke up early to make us breakfast :')

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Playing tissue stacko

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Just look at Jinghan hahaha I suspect he's allergic to wind

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$100 plus worth of pizzas for lunch

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I still can't believe I won. I suck at Daytona

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Super shag from 2 hours of playing freeze and melt swimming version

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Dinner outside ehub

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 photo DSC01276.jpg

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Just look at their scores... 4 people add up still can lose to our 3 men team

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Class chalet with my current classmates at Aloha Loyang for the past 3 days. The place is huge - it has 2 stories with 4 rooms, a kitchen, dining area, living room, yard, car lot and a barbecue pit. Got to spend more time with my babies (consisting of the protective brother, the indian, the pinoy and the pussy hahahaha) as well as the rest of the class ^^

One of the most enjoyable chalets I've been to because it's not boring where by everyone sits around and does nothing. We played musical chairs, twister, drinking games, pictionary and even went swimming & bowling! I especially loved the mini singing sessions we had after midnight, with everyone gathered around the sofa in the dark singing along as Yasin played the guitar.

Quite sad to be home because I miss those late night suppers, fun filled games and 3am conversations. But at the same time kinda glad because here I have my mom, my maid and my bolster. Hehe. Shit I sound like a baby wtf. Don't judge!!