Monday, April 1, 2013

Grandma's 74th

 photo IMG_0334.jpg
 photo IMG_0350.jpg
Final pyramid

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 photo IMG_0380.jpg
One of the rare days that Karomah is willing to take a picture!

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 photo IMG_0370.jpg
Best ahma in the universe ♥

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 photo IMG_0361.jpg
 photo IMG_0373.jpg
With their 3 daughters

 photo IMG_0364.jpg
Generation Y - the grandkids

 photo IMG_0376.jpg

Saturday was the day I went to support Blazers at nationals before rushing off to meet my family for dinner to celebrate popo's birthday :) Didn't take much pictures though.. I'm beginning to neglect my camera more often. Such a chore to lug my heavy cam out, I just want to enjoy myself without having to always take pictures but it's not possible because I can't bear to leave this space. Need to stop being so lazy!

P.S/ Ulcers are killing me, what's the fastest way for them to heal apart from applying salt?