Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life through my phone

Here's what I've been up to these days! The lazy days when I don't bring my cam out and resort to using the horrible quality phone camera. Pictures are in random date order..

 photo IMG_3815-1.jpg
Pre-planned outfit I haven't decided where to wear to yet

 photo IMG_3753.jpg
Dimsum lunch at Canton Paradise with my family

 photo IMG_3751.jpg
Granny bought us a cake on Easter Sunday

 photo IMG_3752.jpg
During the chalet (spot mini Jh hahaha)

 photo IMG_3750.jpg
Finally satisfying my udders waffle craving

 photo IMG_3878.jpg
At Denvers' recruitment drive - outdoor stunting

 photo IMG_3854.jpg
Yeah I had to resort to using this so you guys can tell where am I

 photo IMG_3855.jpg
 photo IMG_3915.jpg
Ironman socks from Aloy, major love!

 photo IMG_3876.jpg
Quite like this picture because of my almost non-existent thigh gap hehe

 photo IMG_3872.jpg
 photo IMG_3875.jpg
Group extension in front of MBS

 photo IMG_3898.jpg
Dinner with Drey & Rm

 photo IMG_3897-1.jpg
 photo IMG_3896-1.jpg
My yummy garlic butter prawns

 photo IMG_3892-1.jpg
 photo IMG_3893-1.jpg
 photo IMG_3901.jpg
Nice advertising slogan LOL

 photo IMG_3914-1.jpg
 photo IMG_3913-1.jpg
Invented a new winning position for pool

 photo IMG_3928.jpg
Dinner with Jh just now

 photo IMG_3941-1.jpg

Off to do some reading!