Thursday, April 11, 2013

Peace Love Icecream

 photo IMG_0394.jpg
 photo IMG_0391.jpg
Forgot to take a picture of Jeanie driving!

 photo IMG_0402.jpg
Check out our life sized icecream

 photo IMG_3972.jpg
 photo IMG_3973.jpg
Ben & Jerry's mini van

 photo IMG_0398.jpg
Nah just kidding, here's our real icecream :)

 photo IMG_0399.jpg
 photo IMG_3980.jpg
 photo IMG_0417.jpg
New phone cover hehe cheap thrill

 photo IMG_0425.jpg
Tea break (we're forever hungry)

 photo IMG_0428.jpg
Happy Drey cannot maintain

 photo IMG_0434.jpg
 photo IMG_0438.jpg

This was yesterday, Jeanie came to fetch us to Dempsey for Ben & Jerry's free cone day. First time in my life going for it and the queue was so short it took us only about 3 minutes to get our icecream! Gotta love the weird out-of-the-way location hahaha. After that Drey & I headed to town for some shopping and I got myself a new pair of shorts from H&M. Every single time I visit town I will buy at least one piece of clothing. Seriously need to control my spending habits!! Chomps for dinner at night to satisfy my cravings yay great day ^-^