Saturday, May 11, 2013


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 photo IMG_0983.jpg
Sitting in macs for 1 hour to kill time

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I quote Jh "woah their menu more difficult than exam paper" hahaha

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The boxes so cool all different designs one

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 photo IMG_1013.jpg
Watching a horror movie in cine's emax chambers

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Finally a day I remembered to bring along my polaroid cam! Friday was also the day we finally tried the frequently spoken of Maki-San, which was not bad. DIY sushi and we don't even have to make it ourselves. Just tick the menu only. Hehe ^^ Before that we went to peninsula to take a look at a spectacle shop followed by wandering around for a few hours. Then after dinner was horror movie time at the top of cine. Virgin time there and I quite like the whole idea of the chambers, very cosy~