Monday, May 13, 2013

Hog's Breath

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Our cool uncle, Uncle Vincent!

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We are such camwhores.. taking pics while awaiting the next dish

 photo IMG_1044.jpg
What I ordered - calamari on rib eye

 photo IMG_1046.jpg
Our cousin Marcus

 photo IMG_1053.jpg
Eating also can stone

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My uncle (Mom's brother) is back for his yearly visit from England! It's so far away so he can only come back for a short period once a year. Met him for lunch on Saturday afternoon at Hog's Breath @ Chijmes :) That day was only for us kids to meet him so that he could interrogate us about our dirty little secrets that should be kept hidden from the parents. Hehehe. The food there is super good but the portions are huge.. I normally have a big appetite but I could barely finish half. Ended up wasting so much food haha so guilty~ We'll be visiting the River Safari with the adults next weekend, hope I don't freak out during the panda encounter. Must! Maintain! (And yes to those who don't already know, I fear pandas and killer whales. Something about their eyes scare the shit out of me. #loser4life)