Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Man of my life

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Dad's 53rd birthday yesterday, they came to fetch me from school and off we headed to Tony Roma's for dinner. Seems like it's becoming a family tradition, I remember going there last year as well. Haha well I can't deny that their food is awesome :) They renovated the place thus it looks really different, less cosy than before I must say. Went back home for the usual cake cutting after dinner. I have the coolest & the best family ever ♥

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Outfit pic for le baby bro hehe

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New shorts yay

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"Namaste" Uhhhh ok moving on

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Best starter dish ever - cheesy bacon baked potato skin

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Calamari salad

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This vain pot wanted a full body ootd too

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We always order the same dishes whenever we dine there because we're boring like that hahaha

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Ribeye steak medium well

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Baby back ribs

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I love Cymon's smile - always so happy!

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Ben & Jerry's chocolate fudge brownie ice cream cake whoop whoop

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Cute granny lives up to her name

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My favourite ice cream served in cake form. YUM.

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Ending the post with funny poses of my joker dad hahahaha