Monday, May 20, 2013

River Safari

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My recent Saturday was when we had our occasional family date :) This time it was to the newly opened River Safari. I conquered my fear of pandas - well sort of anyway. Can't believe I actually teared while taking pictures of the pandas because it just felt so overwhelming. I was really freaked out I swear I could have died. Became super grumpy after that because everyone either kept laughing at me or trying to scare me. Nobody ever understands!!

On the overall the place was okay I guess, it isn't completed yet so maybe it'll be more interesting when their boat ride is done. Didn't get to see elephants but at least I met with the manatees ^^ We spent about 2-3 hours there and left at like noon. Drove back to Katong I12 for dinner at Canton Paradise. After lunch everyone dispersed and I met Dhiv & Yx at Jh's crib to do our homework. Ended up chilling hahaha what's new~

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We the vainpots

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So artsy right, got reflection all. Lol

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Our whole purpose of going there was to take pics of ourselves

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Grandma and her sister. But both are considered my grandmas :)

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Check out the huge ass alligators behind us

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Just step only

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Mom & her 2nd sis (also known as my fav aunt hehe)

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Nice zoo guy posing for my pic

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Red panda. Doesn't look anything like a panda #justsaying

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Just look at my face.. about to cry already

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I CAN'T EVEN LOOK AT THE ABOVE 2 PICS FOR MORE THAN ONE SECOND OMG. Only posting them because I know how everyone loves pandas -___- (For god knows what reason seriously..) I didn't intend to enter the panda exhibit but my mom wanted me to take pictures of them so I had no choice but to use my invisible balls and be brave. Almost died. Never again.

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Need to go on a photography trip soon!

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Lucky shot of the seal doing a somersault

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One of the coolest creatures there. Manatee!!!

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Class photo?

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With my 3 favourite women in the universe

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More shots of the manatees because they are amazing like that

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Le parents

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My dad needs to smile more in pictures

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Trying to scare me but it's fake so nope it didn't work

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Gift shop items make good props

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Aye aye captain

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Dim sum yum tum

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Their famous bun (except that the filling is char siew and I absolutely hate char siew but the crust on the other hand is awesome)

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