Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sometimes you lose a battle, but mischief always wins the war.

Hello!! Have been meaning to update this space but all I ever do is stay in school and work on assignments or dinner after school looking all tired and shit. Term tests next week followed by our short mid-term break. Just need to get through this 2 weeks alive.. On a side note, mom bought me new bedsheets! Angry birds with puffy clouds hehe makes me love my bed more than I already did ^-^

 photo IMG_5616.jpg
The day I met up with the usuals for dinz at NEX

 photo IMG_5628.jpg
My favourite boys since 2010 ♥

 photo IMG_5632.jpg
Dyl & I with our classic gangsta pose

 photo IMG_5669.jpg
Great reads - Looking For Alaska and The Alchemist

 photo IMG_5647.jpg
Family BBQ in our balcony haha cool stuff

 photo IMG_5663.jpg
Random bus ride with Jh acting cute

 photo IMG_5651.jpg
Harry Potter have chamber of secrets, TP have chamber of cigarettes.