Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Under the dome

Blogging the lazy way because school doesn't allow me to have a proper social life. Tests and assignments piling up starting next week, just kill me already. Attempting to be more hardworking this sem hehe. I am super active on instagram so in case I don't update this space as often, you can follow me there @secretnudges :>

 photo IMG_5117.jpg
Elephant in the room. I mean literally hahahaha

 photo IMG_5120.jpg
Floral nails and a rainbow wrist
 photo IMG_5175.jpg
 photo IMG_5172.jpg
Having lunch at TP's Bistro, virgin try & its not bad! Their waffle is awesomeeeee

 photo IMG_5186.jpg
New read

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 photo IMG_5199.jpg
Nakhon for dinz

 photo IMG_5255.jpg
Accessorizing with basics for school today

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Over and out.