Thursday, May 09, 2013

Upstage on Timbre

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Ipad menu

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Girls' pictures always the nicest ;)

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No idea what this is but it's damn good!

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Dark places the manual focus all wrong...

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Bren singing with 53A

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They said he sounded like Adam Levine so here's Brendon Levine for you

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See this 2 trying to look cute wtf

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People like to snap pics of me when I'm talking

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Cuz we gangsta

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Birthday boy claims that he has to have the limelight

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Immediately after this Scott went to spit hahahaha

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Celebrated Bren's 21st at Timbre last night with some of the people whom I've known the longest for. Rest of the clique either in army or working or drunk somewhere. Hahaha. Love the ambience at Timbre, the last time I've been there is at the other one located near city hall. The food there is great, without a doubt. I normally don't fancy thin crust pizzas but theirs are the best ever! We talked to the lead singer of the live band 53A and got the birthday boy up to sing. Whole night was filled with laughter as always ^-^