Friday, June 7, 2013

Audrey's 20th

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Worst salmon don ever

 photo IMG_1579.jpg
Nics gave all of us middle finger paper clips haha wtf

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 photo IMG_1576.jpg
 photo IMG_1596.jpg
Advertising for B&J's uhhhhh okay

 photo IMG_1588.jpg
 photo IMG_1592.jpg
Then Wenbin joined us as our photographer hahahaha

 photo IMG_1593.jpg
 photo IMG_1586.jpg
With ze birthday girl

 photo IMG_1595.jpg
All the hands must maintain

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 photo IMG_1638.jpg
 photo IMG_1633.jpg
 photo IMG_1612.jpg
 photo IMG_1606.jpg
I was left with 6 films so each person got to keep one yay :)

 photo IMG_1601.jpg

Tuesday saw us having dinner at Watami and their manager got scolded by bitchy Drey because their service sucked so bad... hahaha and while the rest were talking to the manager, Nics & I were just there trying so hard not to laugh because we can't scold people for nuts. Their food wasn't exactly fantastic either so it's one place I'll definitely never go back to. Would love to try the highly spoken of Itacho Sushi though!

Anyway, we headed to Ben & Jerry's for dessert after and attempted to stick candles in but obviously candles and ice cream just don't work out so we forgo-ed the candles hahaha. Took polaroids and chilled outside macs for a bit before heading back. Love my besties, the group of people that I am certain of having a forever with ♥