Tuesday, June 18, 2013

If I had to walk the earth a thousand times I'd do it cuz' I love you

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While waiting for our turn at pool

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The whole day was just about eating good food. Not surprised if I gain weight :(

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Back from the sleepover at Weng's! He cooked both lunch and dinner for me (I helped! .....to arrange the food haha does that count?) and washed all the dishes as well. In between meals we watched a movie and the rest came over after dinz to check in their baggage hahaha. Then Weng drove us over to safra for a few hours of pool followed by simpang bedok for supper after midnight. Finally got to satisfy my cravings for the best prata in Sg! Whoop whoop.

Got back to his place at like 2am and I watched them play bridge (it's a really fun card game) till I fell asleep. Only had like a few hours of sleep from like 5.30 to 10am? Woke up to the annoying iPhone alarm so we got up to cook instant noodles for brunch :) Ok fine actually Weng cooked for us but give me some credit, I helped to stir the noodles!! #failure #cannotbehousewife

Lazed around for another few hours before Weng sent me back. Yawning like crazy as I'm typing this but I can't sleep because I'll be meeting my homies later on. Maybe I should google "tips to stay awake" since caffeine doesn't seem to work on me anymore. *proceeds to splash more water on face*