Saturday, June 8, 2013

Indie night

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Before leaving for exam also must camwhore

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New bedsheet for me hehe

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Boiled broccoli, baked mini potatoes with cream cheese and creamy tomato pasta with pork and mushrooms. YUMMY. Mainly cooked by our dear chef Ciwei :)

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Drinking part 1

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Friday marked the end of our mid sem tests and also a really well spent night with my homies ^-^ Headed to Cw's house after school with Jh and we watched "I give it a year" over home cooked dinner. Quite liked the movie, it was kind of cliche but good! Anyway we met the rest at Home Club after that and drank like a shitload of alcohol. Beer, chivas, cranberry vodka, j├Ągerbomb and pineapple vodka. My favourite part was us dancing like idiots throughout the night with dizzy heads and churning tummies. Not sure when I'll get a chance to do this again! (Fyi every time I stay out to party I have to sleepover at a friend's place, which is a rare chance that my parents allow me to. Sigh pie I seriously need more freedom~)