Thursday, June 27, 2013

Joy bundles

 photo IMG_1963.jpg
Couldn't help myself

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Favourite section wahaha

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Yum yum first round leggo

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 photo IMG_1930.jpg
Salmon sashimi overload whoohooo I can never get sick of this

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 photo IMG_1939.jpg
 photo IMG_1941.jpg
Newly added self service bubble tea machine wtf damn cool

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 photo IMG_1966.jpg
Wymer - who sort of came as a replacement for George (that idiot cancelled at the last minute)

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 photo IMG_1956.jpg
Happily taking our desserts

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 photo IMG_1987.jpg
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 photo IMG_2041.jpg
We've been in the same clique since year 1 ^-^

 photo IMG_2040.jpg
Cutest couple award

 photo IMG_2029.jpg
 photo IMG_2045.jpg

Finally got to meet the cheer clique for dinner on Tuesday night :) We used to be called the usuals but now that we don't meet up often, using "usuals" just seems ironic. Hahaha. Especially happy to see my fav girl Jess because I haven't seen her in the longest time! Need to plan our photo trip soon hehe~ It was my second time at Trader's for their international buffet, nothing much because all their food is the same as last year's. Except that I am smarter this year so I ate less of everything else and spammed the seafood and salmon sashimi like crazy. Hah.

On a side note, just got back my results for term tests and I'm quite pleased with how I did. Not exactly flying colours but still - average marks are better than me not putting in any effort at all. I think everyone can see that I am actually studying this semester, unlike my past few years of skimming through or failing modules. Quite proud of my change in attitude towards school, I really wanna graduate asap!!