Monday, June 24, 2013

Practice makes perfect

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 photo IMG_6403.jpg
Because we were craving for salmon sashimi

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Damn awkz, we were the only girls in the entire place wtf

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 photo DSC00524.jpg
I can never arrange the balls like that hahaha it's so confusing

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 photo DSC00540.jpg
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 photo DSC00572.jpg
Finally!!! Haven't bowled in weeks!

 photo DSC00549.jpg
Cute butterfly sticker

 photo DSC00500.jpg

These were from yesterday's impromptu date with my bbgs ^-^ The pictures are quite nice right? All taken with Audrey's digi cam! It has cool effects such as magic skin, pop art, vintage and all. Plus its super tiny and light. Should totally ask her to bring her cam more often so I don't always have to lug my 600D out, it weighs a ton.

I thought I was going to be stuck at home yet again but at like 4pm Ruimin asked in the besties whatsapp chat if anyone was free for dinner. I literally jumped out of the couch and announced "MOM I'M GOING OUT THE STUPID HAZE CAN EAT SHIT" and popped straight into the shower. Hahaha. We had cheap sushi for dinner followed by pool and bowling at Tampines safra. I am getting slightly better at pool! (Still lousy but confirm have improvement ok) Needless to say, bowling was fun because I love bowling hehe