Thursday, July 11, 2013

"At least I carpe'd that one diem"

My week has been a long busy one, waking up for school every morning and staying out late every night. The only thing on my mind now is these five letters in flashing lights: S L E E P. Totally feel like giving school a miss tomorrow... 9am classes should be banned.

Oh and I recently came up with a plan for my future. I just can't decide on which one to follow. The original plan was to find a stable job (preferably in the early childhood line or if possible - my height is a problem - an air stewardess) and save up to visit a different country every year. That's the idea.

However, after reading Paper Towns, it inspired Plan B. Which is to live in a nice quiet country for a year. Find a random job there, save up, go on road trips to neighbouring states. Then after that's done, pick another country and either continue with the same system or go back to Plan A. Cool huh. That would be living life to the fullest in my opinion ^-^ (But of course I will do it till I'm like max 30 then get married and have kids la)

Ok enough thoughts. Some pictures before I hit the sack!

 photo IMG_6819_zps980fe6ce.jpg
Rice throne

 photo IMG_6848_zpsf0afe0c4.jpg
Dinner with Amelia & Andy on Monday night. Missed them so much!

 photo IMG_6861_zps8e0d9280.jpg
 photo IMG_6862_zpsa2e5cd7a.jpg
 photo IMG_6851_zpsdf564361.jpg
Drove to Simpang for some icecream

 photo IMG_6896_zps398c3dc8.jpg
Birthday girl being all shy when we surprised her

 photo IMG_6888_zpseaa993af.jpg
 photo IMG_6895_zps60e7219e.jpg
Brunch at Lenas (they serve superb pasta I kid you not)

 photo IMG_6908_zps687e8a0c.jpg