Saturday, July 20, 2013

Blue jeans

Harro! Happy things this week -
I met my best friends
Flights to Phuket booked
Bought new clothes
Satisfied food cravings

 photo IMG_7076_zps38a729c9.jpg
Awkward smile because I'm wearing my retainers

 photo IMG_7075_zpsbf17e97f.jpg
In the Topshop fitting room. Bought the top but couldn't buy the jeans because firstly, my bank account currently only has $1.20. Secondly, this shade of denim makes my thighs look a lot larger than they already are. I have been in search of a pair of low waisted medium denim jeans (that does not make my thighs appear bigger) for ages but to no avail... Sighpie #fatpeopleproblems

 photo IMG_7102_zpse4045dc3.jpg
Mirror pics from dinner on Tues night with my bbgs

 photo IMG_7105_zps8e39c5fa.jpg
 photo IMG_7108_zps4c93ade6.jpg
We had Nihon Mura Express - no matter what you order, its $1.50 per plate. I mainly spammed their salmon sashimi and hotate mentai. Yumerz

 photo IMG_7116_zpse49e8081.jpg
Oh yes Nics is back from Melbourne!