Saturday, July 6, 2013

Brace face no more

For the past 3 years I have had food stuck in my braces for every single meal and each time I put new rubber bands or tighten the wires, the killer toothache comes. Finally got them removed today! Happy that it's out because I don't have all those problems anymore but also kind of miss it a little.... especially the whistle sound it makes when I say words that start with the letter "F". Feels so weird without braces though, its as if my teeth aren't there~

Last 2 pictures of me with braces:
 photo Photoon26-5-13at532PM3.jpg
 photo Photoon26-5-13at535PM3.jpg

After removing:
 photo Photoon5-7-13at554PM_zps06c20c28.jpg
 photo Photoon5-7-13at557PM_zpsc9c70a60.jpg

Bye braces! Hello retainers :(
Collecting my retainers next week sigh pieeeee