Thursday, July 18, 2013


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Yesterday saw me having a 5 hour catch up session over lunch with Aloy, Dan & Val :) Finally meeting them after what, 4 months? We couldn't stop talking about practically everything. Made an agreement that the next time we meet we'd need an entire day hahahaha. Was supposed to check out a nice cafe at Telok Kurau but the sun was such a killer so we settled on Swensens. No comments on their food because it's just average but their sticky chewy chocolate ice cream is my all time fav!

Before I met them I was at school and guess what happened in the morning? My one and only class for the day was cancelled. And the school only informed us via email at 8.17am, less than an hour before the lesson. Hello, people don't need time to travel is it?! Plus who the hell checks their school email in the morning? Siao. Btw I'm not complaining here and doing nothing okay, I already sent an email to the school staff regarding the screwed up school system. Yes I used the term "screwed up" - I really hope they feel offended because that's the whole point.

Sometimes I think I talk too much (or in this case, type)
Okay pixxxxxxxx

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Keep calm and eat chocolate ice cream

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Mandatory outfit shot ^^

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Testing out Dan's new phone

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