Friday, July 05, 2013

Eat Play Love

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Drey looks super cute here right

 photo IMG_2209_zps6c64462b.jpg
Poking the glass cat -pokes-

 photo IMG_2352_zpsc89cfdcf.jpg
Floor imprinted door mat

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Besties♥ (Missing Nics who's enjoying life in Melbourne right now!!!)

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Salmon rosti which was so-so

 photo IMG_2272_zps14bb790c.jpg
Tri pepper spaghetti

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Mad awesome portobello confit and escargots

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Then at this point Jeanie & Wb left so the rest of us went for dessert

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Can totally bring my kids here in 15 years time LOL

 photo IMG_2397_zps40520130.jpg
Handmade plastic unicorn ring

 photo IMG_2405_zps2d878746.jpg
Tiramisu cake in a jar

 photo IMG_2410_zps0940a256.jpg

 photo IMG_2389_zpsb68c1034.jpg
"Keep calm and craft on"

 photo IMG_2418_zps0142a5c2.jpg
Mango overload, which I honestly didn't like at all.. no standard.

 photo IMG_2414_zpsf7658915.jpg
Snapped a picture of this guy because he looks damn hipster HAHA

 photo IMG_2453_zps298dc8ea.jpg
Puffy cloud handmade charms that Rm spotted~

 photo IMG_2438_zps57ff2e77.jpg
My BFF 4evaaaaa

 photo IMG_2419_zpse6248687.jpg
 photo IMG_2401_zps6688460e.jpg
 photo IMG_2454_zpsb26f84a1.jpg
Food platter because we were still hungry haha such pigs I know

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 photo IMG_2474_zps75a4ebd0.jpg
 photo IMG_2487_zps880e1def.jpg
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Touring haji at night

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 photo IMG_2495_zps25f1511f.jpg

Sunday was just another one of the many splendid dates with my bestfriends :) At first we wanted to go to Eat Play Love but it was too packed so we dined at A for Arbite instead, which was just beside it. After eating we went over when it was less crowded and had some small bites. A for Arbite has an extremely clean and neat layout, which makes all our pictures look real pretty. Eat Play Love, on the other hand, is cosy and messy - providing more of an "at home" vibe. It really depends on which one fits your personality better! After spamming tons of pictures and stuffing ourselves with food, we crossed over to Haji lane to explore before heading to Teoheng. Sang till my sore throat came back x.x

A for Arbite
28 Aliwal St #01-01
Singapore 199918

Opening Hours:
Tues to Sun, 11.30am to 11pm
Closed on Mondays

Eat Play Love
28 Aliwal Street #01-07
Singapore 199918

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun, 12pm to 10pm
Closed on Tuesdays