Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Embrace the sun

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Hipster style picnic on Sat with my homies! I've always wanted to drink wine during a picnic and finally managed to do it :> We found a good spot pretty quickly and tucked in immediately after settling down. Did potluck - I brought beehoon, Ciwei brought marshmallows & chips with dip, Dhiv brought chocolate & more chips, Jordan fried some nuggets, Jinghan got the wine and Yuxuan made mac & cheese. Yum. We could barely finish it all. Hahaha.

Played charades, attempted to fly a kite, sang along to indie music, chased one another around a giant tree and danced like little kids. It just kinda felt different from all the other picnics I've ever had. Good different :) Had so much fun that we didn't even mind going home sunburnt. Such a well spent afternoon filled with joy and love ♥

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Our pile of food

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Although not as hardcore as some random group of people who set up a freaking table wtf damn cool

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Moscato Yellow tail

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Drinking wine as tea

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Dhiv and her special powers

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Getting it to fly (which was nearly impossible)

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Never too old for jumpshots hehe